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Book Pre-Order

The Race To Space book is expected to be available in bookstores in the middle of 2023, with release of the e-book version shortly afterward. The shelf price of the printed copy is expected to be in the $19.95-$21.95 range, with the e-book price at $9.95-$11.95.

On this page you can place a pre-production order for the book at a substantial discount. These pre-production sales will not only help underwrite the cost of writing the book, but will also validate the market. As noted below, the special prices may be increased or withdrawn at any time: If you want to get the current price, you need to place your order now!

As an additional incentive, once the L5 National Bank is set up, an "L5 dollars" deposit will be made into an account in your name matching the amount of your purchase. The deposit will be converted into bonds once the necessary business structures have been established. (You will be contacted at that time for any additional information needed to set up the account.)

We use PayPal for our credit and debit card processor. You can pay by PayPal even if you do not have a PayPal account. If you do have a PayPal account, you may have other payment options available as well.

Use these buttons to pre-order Race To Space book copies at the pre-production prices shown. (You will be given the opportunity to enter the quantity on the PayPal site.)

Race To Space
   print version
Race To Space
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If you wish, you can pay for your order using a physical document such as a check or money order. Send the payment with a note indicating which version and what quantities of the Race To Space book you are ordering.

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PLEASE NOTE: If you mail a payment to us, and the book price goes up before we receive your payment, your order may be rejected for having paid an incorrect price.

The fine print:
We reserve the right to limit quantities ordered at the special pre-production prices, and the offer may be changed or withdrawn at any time without prior notice. If the pre-production price offer is modified, withdrawn or otherwise terminated, any orders already placed and accepted will be honored at the price paid at the time of the order. Any person or organization placing an order for multiple copies of the book agrees to not sell or make arrangements to sell the book for less than the cover price at the time of publication unless other prior written agreements are made.

All prices are in US dollars.

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