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About Funding

Pre-publication sales are being solicited to support writing the Race To Space book. In addition, I'm looking for investing partners and/or corporate sponsors, and I have a GoFundMe campaign running to raise money.

There are two objectives writing this book will achieve: First, there's the "predictive fiction" action story to tell that will thrill and entertain a wide spectrum of readers. (I'm aiming at selling at least a million copies.) It's the sort of thing Hollywood producers dream of - and yes, I'm looking at getting a movie version released into theatres. Second, the book will include a hard-facts business plan for a system that will put solar power satellites in Earth orbit. Those satellites will be a major part of the energy supply human civilization needs to survive beyond the end of our fossil fuel reserves. The business plan will be the catalyst which starts the project, and ultimately gets the system built.

There are hints about the story sprinkled across the resources on this site, and in some of my other writing. I'm not going to say much more about it, though, because I don't want to spoil the surprises.

The business plan, however, does not require such reticence.

Building a constellation of solar power satellites will require a tremendous investment. Thousands, if not millions, of people need to work on it to make it happen, and the construction is not going to happen overnight. When it's done, my thesis will have realistic estimates of the costs involved, how many jobs will be created, and how long it will take to finish. The presentation will define a specific course of action that we can "take to the bank" to get the next round of funding needed to put the plan in motion.

I expect the writing effort is going to take 6-12 months. While I'm writing and researching, there will be bills to pay, groceries to buy, things that need fixing, fees for consultants, infrastructure to put in place, etc. As a result, I expect it's going to cost about $125,000 to get the book written, which is the goal of the GoFundMe campaign. On top of that, I have to get the book printed once it is written - but that should be much easier with a manuscript in hand!

If you'd like to invest in the Race To Space project, check out the variety of options available on the GoFundMe page, or contact me directly, e.g. if you would like to discuss sharing royalties in return for your investment. Pre-ordering a copy of the book will also support the project, you can reach the Reserve Your Copy Now page through the buttons at the upper right corner of nearly every page on this site.

For more information, please be sure to check out the PowerPoint funding deck on the Investors page.

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